STEPS TO MAKE Money Online Offering Chinese Mobile Phones

All we realize how fast developing chinese market. Several chinese web stores are more and much more well-known. They selling really cheap electronic items, interesting gadgets and cell phones for suprisingly low prices. The majority of the chinese shops free and also have shipping. With the lowest costs and the free shipping chinese shops are prior to the americans and europeans.

Before 5 months I saw for the very first time chinese online store. I was amazed of the costs. I found excellent looking chinese mobile phones for very low costs. I compared the costs with our prices right here (in Sweden) for the mobile phones. The difference was so big just. Finaly I made a decision to make money offering the chinese mobile phones within Sweden. I began with buying handful of F160 Four SIM. Excellent looking chinese mobile phone with four SIM. These type or sort of mobile phones with 4 SIM card within Sweden have become expensive, but they were purchased by me limited to 80$ each with free shipping. Then I began to market them on a few of my swedish websites. ( I've 3 websites on swedish with about 700 unique website visitors each each day) Extremely fast (for approximately 16 times) I sold all mobile phones for 120$ each (+40$ each). I was so amazed of the fantastic conversion. After these amazing results I opt to made swedish internet site where to sell really cheap chinese mobile phones. After 2 a few months of seo optimization and advertising on facebook I strike 1700 average visitors each day and begin to made 1 offer each day. When someone obtain mine shop some mobile phone I make purchase on the chinese store plus they deliver the mobile phone directly to the customer. It`s therefore surprising how good transformation have these products. With little website and SEO on wordpress domain I began to make good product sales. Chinese shops expanding very fast therefore you can have significantly more and more opportunities.