In my own days as a SEO consultant I've seen an excessive amount of people making exactly the same faults and I've made a decision to write down several guidelines you need to follow when doing seo or link creating for your website. Listed below are 4 suggestions to allow you to get started:

1. Don't DISPOSE OF Your Links

A very common problem for most webmasters is that 70% of these incoming links indicate and 30% of these incoming links indicate Se's think that they are 2 very different pages on your own website, which means content on may get only 70% of the "link love" it all actually deserves. How exactly to fix that? You have to create a 301 Redirect in one page to another and your problems have died. Check out the folder with index.htm, index.php or even whatever your site is using. There must be a .htaccess document - if there is not one, simply create it all with any text message editor. After you have a .htaccess file, put those lines to it all:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %HTTP_Sponsor ^ [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

2. Deep Linking

Don't spend all of your efforts on developing links and then your homepage (e.g. Having plenty of hyperlinks pointing to other webpages on your own website tells se's that there surely is good content found all over your site. Pointing all your hyperlinks to your homepage is really a sign for se's that your web site will be shallow and doesn't offer as much worth to visitors as it should.

3. Secret: A terrific way to Obtain Free High-PR Links!!!

This is a concept we haven't distributed to anyone so far, but our authorized members deserve to learn about it really. There is a way to obtain relevant High-PR links free of charge highly! How to do this? Have a look at some quality, trusted web directories (such as for example Yahoo, DMOZ,, Aviva) and discover the category that's closely linked to your niche. Go through the websites listed there and you also shall note that quite most of them are dead! Now work with a query on Search engines such as for example "" to see who's linking to those internet sites. Inform administrators of web sites, linking to dead web pages, they have a damaged hyperlink on their internet site and in a big majority of cases they'll be pleased to replace their damaged hyperlink with a free of charge link to your site. Yes, it's as simple as that!

4. Use Wise Anchor Text

Linking to your internet site with what "Just click here!" isn't almost as useful as linking to it with something linked to your specific niche market, e.g. "car or truck parts" in case you are in ecommerce. However, you should obtain the right organic looking combination of the anchor text message during your incoming links! Guideline: use various keywords in 70% of one's incoming hyperlinks, your URL in 20% and different "just click here" variants in the rest of the 10%.

Following these 4 suggestions your link constructing will be a lot more efficient as well as your website will show up higher in search motor search engine pages, bringing you bigger levels of free traffic - plus free traffic is everything you really want!