Website Audit Process

You are aware that your website has room for improvement but you are not quite sure what the critical ingredients are to do so. You need answers to questions such as:

+ Why aren’t there even more visitors arriving at our website?

+ What makes the website visitors we do obtain leave without purchasing our services?

+ Can we make adjustments to our site that will increase our customer interactions?

+ How do we earn more income from our website?

+ How do we save additional money and get much better ROI on our advertising spend?

+ Why do our competition seem to be doing so superior to us?

+ Who is able to give us unbiased options and answers?

Search Engine Optimization and Design Audit of your site.

We can conduct an SEO Audit of your web site to see how well you are ranking in the search engines. Just because visitors are coming to your site doesn't always mean that you are converting them into customers as well as you could be. What really matters is where you rank on the key search engines for your keyword and key phrase searches. If you are not on page one of the 3 big search engines it means that you are missing over 80% of the potential clicks. Our SEO Audit provides you with a concise and meaningful review of how your web site is doing and recommendations for improvement.

Our SEO Audit identifies key issues and provides effective recommendations you can apply in order for your site to be search engine friendly. We optimize sites for the big search engines and have 1000's of page one ratings on our clients sites and our own network. We cover every aspect of search engine optimization to assist you to improve your site position. You'll receive clear professional suggestions on how best to get your website indexed by the main se's. We additionally offer Totally free Audits of one's Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (eg Search engines Adwords). You will have to request this service and offer us with temporary usage of your Adwords analytics account also.

Audit process

Once you have ordered the audit we start out with a detailed analysis of one's website and within one day you can be contacted by among our Account Managers to go over your keyword strategy. Within 3 times your Account Supervisor shall give a comprehensive survey via email, outlining which regions of your site will work well and which locations require attention. As soon as our suggestions are implemented, you will observe an lasting and immediate improvement with the indexing of one's website in the major se's .

Seamless pathway to your Professional SEO Packages

When you have undertaken our SEO web site audit after that you can consider whether you want to purchase our Expert SEO program. Our Australian SEO program offers a structured plan of on- site and off-site ( link building ) to increase your website's excess weight and value in the the search engines until you get to Page One!

Benefits of an SEO audit:

+ Increase site traffic with more business enquiries from targeted visitors

+ Improve site positioning and increase your brand visibility

+ Obtain a long term positioning in the search engines

+ Determine the priorities for search engine optimization campaign

+ Clear instructions on how to make improvements to your site

+ Receive expert advice on growing visibility in the major search engines


Your customized SEO Site Audit is delivered in Word or PDF format. All reports contain:

+ Clear analysis of your site with issues and solutions.

+ Clear instructions on modifications required in order to achieve top rankings.

Our SEO site audit covers these areas:


+ Metadata ( Title tags, H1's, H2's, ALT tags etc)

+ Keywords

+ Content

+ Layout

+ Navigation

+ Links

+ Code

+ Design & Usability

+ Recommendations

So just how do you make your website more effective?

Your Audit process will provide you with the insights you will need in order to increase your return on investment.

Our reports will give you a complete website assessment which is undertaken by specialists and includes practical and easily implementable recommendations.

If you are managing and marketing a website then you must audit your site so you can analyse its effectiveness. However this is often hard to do when you are caught up in the day to day running of your site. We can help you here as we are very experienced when it comes to running efficient, profitable, large scale projects. We assess all areas of your site especially from a guests viewpoint and our ten years of expertise in the web marketing world offer the self-confidence that we aren't new to this sort of analysis. you merely need to view a few of the large websites and their search positions to be reassured that we are able to walk the talk.

Our website audit procedure:

+ We will assess your internet site’s objectives as well as your targeted audience.

+ We become if we had been your prospective interact and clients with your website.

+ Utilizing a systematic approach we proceed through your site to recognize all certain specific areas needing improvement..

+ We develop a report outlining locations we feel require: enhancement, which are non compliant or not really using best practice

+ Either your group or ours perform the changes for you personally then.

* You can expect a 3 and 6 month follow up as part of this service so you can see the improvements.

You can utilise this report as a benchmark for reaching your website objectives and also as a professionally developed plan of action. You will understand the following:

+ What changes to make to increase the ROI on your site.

+ Why you need to make these modifications ie the rationale behind them.

+ We will show you how to go about making the changes.

+ We will show you when the best time to make them is

+ We'll even point you to the best firms we've worked with to implement them.